Contact Information

Terry Karp, MA, Principal
Email: tfkarp@gmail.com
Phone: 925-330-4959



Terry Karp, M.A., Principal

Assisting Clients in Achieving Meaningful & Fulfilling Careers

As a Founding Partner and Principal at The Bay Area Career Center, my mission is to help individuals discover and create a fulfilling work life. Whether you're seeking a complete career transition or simply fine-tuning your current path, I'm here to guide you through the process with tailored steps that address your unique needs and concerns.

Using my ability to uncover common themes in your background, I can help you identify career patterns to assist with brainstorming options and creating an honest and compelling story to use in your career transition so you can have confidence to make progress towards achieving your goals.

Once you have clarity about your career direction, we will develop a focused job search strategy plan and ensure that the time spent is productive and effective. From assistance with resume writing to improving your LinkedIn profile and interviewing skills, I can provide you with the necessary tools to make progress towards your goals. I can also reduce the fear many people have of networking by coaching you on networking techniques that are relationship driven and effective. Once you receive an offer, I can help with negotiation strategies.

For current and aspiring Leaders and Managers, I offer coaching that helps you develop leadership competencies, increase your confidence, and create an actionable and strategic development plan for career growth. My coaching has also enabled leaders to improve collaboration and productivity with their teams. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Performance Improvement and Successfully Handling Workplace Issues.
  • Leadership competency development and increasing confidence.
  • Creating a Viable Career Plan
  • Exploring Career Options
  • Strategic Job Search Plans
  • Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Review and Use of social media
  • Interview Coaching/Mock Interviews
  • Effective Networking Strategies
  • Salary Negotiations


My Experience

I have co-authored a chapter on values in the award winning book, New Directions in Career Planning and the Workplace, and am mentioned in the publication Changing Careers for Dummies. I also created ValueSearch”, a values clarification assessment.

I currently work with several companies on helping to develop Leadership competencies with selected employees who have been identified as potential leaders. The work also includes coaching their managers in supporting them to reach their potential.

In addition to my private practice at BACC, I have been a career consultant for UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business MBA students and alumni and the approved Bay Area career consultant for Columbia University’s MBA school alumni.

My previous experience as a Director at an Executive Search firm and outplacement work, enable me to give solid interview, resume writing and negotiation advice.


Reviews from My Clients

“Within 3 visits, Terry gave me all the tools I needed to regain my confidence and focus. She helped me identify my ideal job responsibilities and environment, and gave me tips on building a LinkedIn profile and resume accordingly….what once seemed like a very overwhelming process now feels like exciting times.”

“Every time I’ve needed career assistance or support—beginner advice, recalibration, interview skills, next-step strategy—Terry’s contribution has been invaluable. So many adjectives describe her: professional, intelligent, capable, experienced, well-informed—plus warm, personable, and caring. Her sage advice has saved the day on more than one occasion!”

“I really appreciated Terry’s sincerity, patience and understanding; her ability to put into words what I could only ramble on about in the early stages of my transition; giving me suggestions/direction and/or a new perspective; being supportive and upbeat; letting me proceed at my own pace but again making sure I had my game plan; target dates set, etc.”


My Bachelor’s degree is in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and I received my Master’s Degree in Career Development from John F. Kennedy University.