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Lisa Trustin, MA, ABVE
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Lisa Trustin, M.A., ABVE

Career Transition Counseling and Vocational Evaluation Consulting

I have been helping men and women navigate career transitions for over 20 years, including parents considering a return to work, people reeling from layoffs or downsizing, new grads searching for direction and those recovering from divorce or death of a partner.  The process of clarifying one’s unique skills and experience helps us focus on realistic options, craft more robust resumes and engage in meaningful and persuasive conversations in employer interviews. I also explore self-employment ideas and what it takes to be a thriving business owner.

My aim is to help people be as productive as possible and create a work life that supports their financial, health and personal goals. Every individual is a unique blend of values, skills and experience and the use of assessments, when appropriate, can assist in understanding the interests and decision-making preferences that influence a person’s choices. I believe everyone has gifts to offer the world of work and it is an honor to help clients uncover, illuminate and restore confidence in their innate talent.

In addition to a master’s degree in career development, I’ve worked in marketing and sales for a large insurance company, a manufacturer and a sports camp company and have served as a volunteer for several non-profit organizations. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with clients from the C-suite to entry level, from many cultures and countries and across industries that include technology and information services, health care, banking and finance, advertising and design, real estate and investments, manufacturing and industrial, food, wine and entertainment, legal and government.

I also serve as a Vocational Evaluation Consultant in California family law cases to help judges, attorneys and their clients understand work issues that may affect their cases. Vocational evaluations are conducted through client interviews and extensive labor market research to help determine reasonable work options and potential earnings. Comprehensive career planning is a part of this process that may include education and training resources, and a timeline and steps to achieve work goals. More information on Vocational Evaluation services can be found on my website at

To discover professional and personal career goals, I help clients:

  • Explore fears and perceived obstacles about a return to work or transition to a new career and restore confidence and enthusiasm for new possibilities.
  • Clarify values, skills and abilities to focus on realistic work options.
  • Teach research techniques to explore and confirm work option suitability.
  • Create statements that accurately reflect achievements and experience on a resume and in versions suitable for a LinkedIn profile and other social media platforms.
  • Craft and practice persuasive answers to interview questions.
  • Structure a successful job search.
  • Research and negotiate salary.
  • Move toward positive change.

Reviews from Clients

“Our meeting brought me great peace on the topic of moving forward and being allowed to spend some time finding a career that meets my goal of being there for our kids and providing me with a new and fulfilling beginning. Thank you for taking time to meet with me, get to know me and share in my story and journey through this tough time.”

“Our meetings really helped my confidence and I was amazed by how quickly I was able to get myself on a career path that I am so passionate about.”

“Thank you for meeting with me. It was a cathartic pleasure that likely bolstered my ability to get my new job.”


M.A., Career Development, John F Kennedy University

B.A., Business Administration & Marketing, University of Colorado