Self Assessment & Exploring Career Options

Personal Packaging & Job Search Strategy

Professional Development

Self Assessment & Exploring Career Options

Clarify who you are so you can make an informed career decision. Research and explore your ideas of careers that match your personality type, skills, interests and values.


After this Workshop, you will know a New Way to use your Fantasies, Values and Skills to enjoy a different Work Life!

  • We will interview each other to explore your career Fantasies.
  • You will be able to Expand and Act On your life-long dreams.
  • You will prioritize your Values using the Values Card Sort.
  • You will understand which Values have been realized in your career life and which have been neglected.
  • You will use the Skill Scan assessment to allow you to identify your proficiency and the Skills you most enjoy using.
  • You will know which of your skill sets have been used and which have not been put to work.

Dates: 2 Tuesdays, June 12 AND June 26, 6:00 to 8:30pm

Cost: $120

Advance registration is required. Group size is limited. Register by contacting facilitator.

Facilitator: Suzanne Rubel


Phone: (415) 203-3329

What Career is Right for Me? Myers Briggs & Strong Interest Inventory- 1 meeting

This workshop will help you better understand how your personality and interests can direct you to a career path this is right for you. During the session you will:

  1.  Discover your Myers Briggs Personality Type and identify the strengths of your personality.
  2.  Learn how your interests, through the Strong Interest Inventory, can help you find the best work environment, roles, activities and career path for you.
  3.  Learn how to utilize your assessments to identify possible career paths and to research career options and the labor market through occupational databases.

Participants will receive a tutorial utilizing the results of their assessments to maximize use of the extensive O*Net database in their career planning.  Upon registration, participants will be set up to take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Indicator online, prior to the workshop.

The “What Career is Right for Me?” workshop makes an excellent companion to the “Time for a Change!” workshop. These 2 workshops can be taken in any order and together allow you to assess the four cornerstones of career assessment: Personality, Skills, Values, and Interests.

Date Sunday, June 17, 2018, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Cost: $180, includes MBTI assessment administration and personalized type reports: MBTI Interpretative Report, MBTI Career Preference Report, Strong Interest Indicator Report, O*Net tutorial and extensive resources – contact facilitator for samples of the reports you will receive at the workshop.

Advance registration is required. Group size is limited. Register by contacting facilitator.

Facilitator: Susan Jewkes Allen M.S.W., GCDF. 

Phone: (415) 728-8502 



Personal Packaging & Job Search Strategy

Ensure your resume, cover letter and other marketing materials differentiate you and showcase the qualities that are most important to your target job objectives. Use your time spent in job search most strategically and effectively to obtain your desired results.

Building Resumes with Impact!

Resumes have changed and you need to learn the most up to date resume techniques to make a strong impression on a potential employer. We’ll teach you how to create a dynamic summary of your experiences, incorporate personal branding, use PAR (Problem-Action-Results) stories and incorporate metrics to  highlight your skills and expertise.

Also, don’t let your resume fall into that black hole! Learn how technology has changed the way resumes are read and screened, and what you must do to ensure that your resume rises to the top of the electronic pile.

We’ll give you a “behind the scenes” look at search technology so that you can see how recruiters and hiring managers search for resumes to match their job openings.

We will also discuss:

  • How to use keywords to bring your resume to the top of the electronic pile
  • Why it’s important to customize your resume for a specific job opportunity
Attend from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a computer, access to the internet and a telephone.
Date:  Thursday, May 24, 12:30 to 1:30 pm

Cost: $70.00

Facilitator: Terry Karp, MA


Phone: 925-330-4959

Distinguish Yourself in the Interview

The focus of this webinar will be on how to answer behavioral questions by using powerful accomplishment stories that will distinguish you from your competition. We’ll also review the most commonly asked interview questions and, just as importantly, the best questions to ask during the interview.

What interview questions make you nervous? Let us know and we’ll help you with preparing your answer.

The interviewer is evaluating your communication skills, delivery, confidence and poise. Make sure you succeed on every level! Significantly increase your odds for conducting a successful interview by knowing how to best prepare!

Attend this webinar from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a computer,access to the internet and a telephone.

Pre-registration and pre-payment required. Contact Terry for more information.

Date:  Tuesday, May 29, 12:30 to 1:30

Cost: $70.00

Facilitator: Terry Karp, MA

Phone: 925-330-4959


Professional Development

Be able to advance your skills and expertise to become more successful in your career.

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