Jigsaw puzzles, especially the colossal ones with hundreds of pieces, have always been exciting challenges to me. The process of finding a satisfying career is similar in so many ways. Even when some of the pieces are missing, if we can construct a border which lends definition to the puzzle, a pleasing picture will begin to reveal itself. To effectively complete the puzzle we need motivation, energy and some practical strategies to keep on course: I will add imagination, intuition, structure and twenty years of career development training experience to ensure the pieces of the puzzle come together for a good fit.

With an M.A. in Counseling Psychology and Education from Northwestern University and a background in university, non-profit and private career counseling, I have guided culturally diverse clients of all ages in career transition. Having taught classes and led workshops in subjects as varied as Salary Negotiation, Self Assessment and Liberal Arts in the World of Work, I am versatile in my areas of expertise.

Whether your puzzle is entitled “Rethinking My Work Options”, “Life-Work Balance” or any other name, we can blend our skills together to complete a clear and well defined picture.

Career Fields of Specialization

Art, Career Choices after Fifty, Communication, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Humanities, Human Resources, International, Non-Profits, Non-Traditional Careers, Psychology, Public Relations, Publishing, Social Work, Writing.


Career and Personal Development Institute, Bay Area Career, Vanguard Public Foundation, College of Marin, Career Development Association, San Francisco State University, and Career Planning & Adult Development Network.