Personal Statement

As a career counselor for over 15 years, I particularly enjoy:

  • Providing Self Assessment tools which identify immediate and future possibilities.
  • Identifying barriers and excuses which prevent clients from pursuing their interests.
  • Using Video Feedback as a technique for improving interviewing skills. I can help you to identify probable interview questions, prepare and practice appropriate responses, at your convenience, tailored to your circumstances and needs.
  • Developing a foundation for more effective, targeted resumes.
  • Creating a safe environment for clients to discover and explore coping strategies
  • Assisting clients in developing an action plan for change.
  • Exploring self-esteem, family and personal issues which affect work

Special Interests & Skills

Video feedback, education, nonprofit, independent contracting, human resources, multi-media.

Credentials and Affiliations

M.S., Counseling/ Career Development
Certified Career Development Instructor
Faculty, Univ. LaVerne
Former Faculty Member, University of California Extension
Partner, Career Interactions

Professional Memberships

ACA, American Counseling Association
NCDA, National Career Development Association
CACD, California Association for Counseling and Development
CCDA, California Career Development Association
AMCD, Association for Multi-Cultural Development
H.B. McDaniel Foundation

Professional Recognition

CACD: Morgan Vail Professional Development Award, 2001
McDaniel Foundation, Hall of Fame, Stanford, 1997
CCDA: Eureka Career Development Award, 1997
Inroads, Educator of the Year, 1992.