In a nutshell…

 I am a career counselor and certified life coach specializing in Positive Psychology, which is the science of optimum living and happiness.

I work with clients to help them gain insights to take steps necessary to achieve their highest aspirations for their goals in their lives and work, (even if they are not clear on what those goals are… yet.)

My clients are at a turning point, where they are ready for introspective exploration in order to uncover their talents, strengths, interests and sense of purpose. I guide them to take these insights, brainstorm possibilities, and create a practical plan that stays true to who they are, and what works well in their life.

What is my approach?

My approach is holistic and strength based, meaning that I look at the whole person, and where they are strongest.

I believe that we have many of the answers that we seek already in place, however we lose our focus with the onslaught of constant stimulation and lives that are often too busy. We become distracted, and overloaded from the outside world, and over time, we lose site of ourselves.

Partnering with my clients to get back in touch with “who they are” and “what makes them tick”, is what I do best. Together, we look for clues from their past, (what worked well before), their future, (ideas and possibilities that are exciting and meaningful), and their present lifestyle, (habits and rituals).

When I help my clients find clarity, they become energized and excited about future possibilities. Through this process they move forward and I inspire and motivate them providing accountability to keep them on track.

Do people really change?

I see people make positive change, in their life and in their work.

From the stay at home mom who felt she was too old to go to graduate school, and has now become an urban planner for children’s playgrounds, to the construction worker who had dreamed of being a pilot, and is now flying for U.P.S.

I have successfully helped clients who had personal goals in mind, from establishing a weight loss and overall wellness plan, to learning a meditation practice. Regardless of the goal or the path, change is possible, but it is not easy.

What tends to tip the process in a favorable direction, is to also adapt our life and re-path our thinking, so we have the energy and resources to do the work necessary to move forward. I teach my clients easy strategies that create a growth mindset, and tools and rituals that are key in maintaining an environment where change is more likely to happen.

Positive Change Happens!

My Background and Experience 

My intuition is strong, and I rely on my instincts in my work and in my life. Additionally, I am fortunate to have had schooling in various fields that inform the way that I do my work.

At different times and for different clients, I pull from all that I have learned, but always through a strengths based foundation. When appropriate I use career assessments, such as the Myers Briggs, and Strong Campbell. Additionally I have training in counseling psychology, which helps me to identify and address mental roadblocks that impede progress. Most recently I have completed a year- long program in Positive Psychology, with Tal Ben-Shahar, who first made his mark at Harvard, and has since become a world leader recognized in the field.

Beyond my work at B.A.C.C., I created and facilitate workshops and coach in Marin, at the Hivery, a co-operative workspace and idea lab for women. I have been told that I am heartfelt, compassionate, and enthusiastic, as well as a champion motivator for my clients. I cherish those compliments.

When I am not inspiring and motivating people towards their next best step, you can find me hiking the hills of Marin with my dogs, or in Nicassio, with my horse Babe, who I rescued, several years ago and is a highlight in my life.


M.S. Counseling Psychology, Dominican University

College Placement and Counseling Certificate, U.C. Berkeley

Post Masters Career Counseling Certificate, J.F.K. University

Life Coach Certificate, Women’s Leadership Institute,

Positive Psychology and Coaching Certificate, Wholebeing Institute