As a recruiter and human resources specialist I was fascinated by the process that individuals go through in making career related decisions and plans. Now as a career counselor I enjoy being part of that process, helping my clients gain insights, develop workable plans and achieve their goals.   Whether your needs are to resolve an immediate work-related problem, identify long-term career goals and craft a plan, or something in between, I would love to help.

My background

My clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and situations, including recent graduates with little experience in the job market and mid-career professionals seeking new opportunities. I have worked with people in transition after life-changing experiences, such as divorce, death of partner, illness and disability, and with those searching for balance between their busy careers and personal lives.

My recruitment and H.R. experience and other varied work experiences, in for- and non-profit companies and government, in temporary, contract and regular positions, have helped to inform and shape my counseling skills. My own career path wasn’t always clear to me. Finding what I really want to do was a journey of self-discovery that has been invaluable in understanding, counseling and coaching others.

My approach

I help clients examine the range of their experiences, interests, values, skills and temperament factors that are vital in making career choices. We may also look at behavioral, emotional and cognitive factors that inhibit or enhance their progress. And at environmental influences, such as family situations and support systems. I recommend vocational assessment tools such as the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs when these are appropriate. My goal is always to help clients, whatever their needs, to craft a plan that makes sense and that is do-able.

Education and certification

National Certified Counselor, Certificate #308369, National Board for Certified Counselors

Masters in Counseling, specialty in Career Counseling, San Francisco State University

Bachelor of Science, Journalism, California State University, Northridge