What you need to bring: your issues, concerns, fears, blocks, ideas or lack of ideas, dreams, needs, passions, realities. What Dena will bring: her years of experience as a career counselor; in depth knowledge of the career transition process; successful methods of facilitating the career change process for clients; her insight, intelligence and empathy.

Dena has a breadth of experience of many career fields gained through her own work, research and clients in an array of fields: non-profits, international work, film industry, education- all levels including higher education, and law; the arts, including music and fine arts, the food and beverage industry from chefs to winery management; journalism, both print and on-line and all areas of design. She is also experienced and knowledgeable about engineering, architecture, healthcare, multimedia and technical and trades careers.

Dena is equally skilled at assisting clients ready to move up to Vice President, recent college graduates embarking on their first careers, those wanting to better manage their current positions, those coping with disabilities or stress related illnesses and those ready to launch a new business.

A few of her favorite career transitioners are the CPA with a big five accounting firm who is currently studying Interior Design; the product manager for a Fortune 500 company who is now a wedding dress designer; the bicycle repair technician who is now getting a degree in Computer Science; the manager of an accounting department who is now a librarian; the finance executive who is now a journalist; the attorney who now runs her own legal placement firm; the part-time photographer who is on his to making a full-time living as one; the buyer for a well-known house wares product company who is now an electrician. Many other clients have made minor adjustments to their careers or jobs because they realized that this was all the change they needed to make at that time.

My career counselor helped me uncover what I want-and need-out of my work life. Now I’m pursuing it. To paraphrase a recent U2 song, it’s horrible to be stuck in a career moment that you can’t get out of.